Are you an executive, leader or other professional associated with the healthcare industry?

Are you looking to improve your effectiveness as a leader, improve your confidence or simply feel more satisfied with your role?

Are you re-examining your purpose and values, and considering a new or expanded role?

If any of this resonates with you, I welcome you to take a look at my journey and what I can offer you as a coach.

My Journey

Cathy Iocona


As the founder of LLV Coaching and Consulting, I’m living my vision of supporting healthcare industry leaders and professionals in their mission to achieve performance excellence and career satisfaction. I’ve had a 38-year career as a leader in the healthcare industry in finance, consulting, customer service and as a healthcare information technology executive. I’ve personally experienced the daily challenges leaders face in the ever-changing, demanding healthcare industry. As a coach, my goal is to empower my clients to achieve performance excellence and personal growth.

Catherine Iocona

What My Clients Say

Bob R., Healthcare IT Executive

I have found Cathy to be both an insightful coach and a highly effective sounding board.  You can trust Cathy to give you her utmost attention to ensure that you increase your self awareness and then guide you on your journey to achieve your personal best.

ND, Facing Challenges During Pandemic

Cathy is  amazing and one of a kind! Cathy’s insight and input was extremely helpful.  I truly enjoyed every session. I will utilize these skills and the  ELI assessment results in my every day life.

AM, Healthcare IT Leader

Cathy’s program of Energy Leadership, understanding engagement, 10 disciplines of a 7th level leader, and influencers along with her coaching allowed me to “have a great understanding of these concepts and how they work together, and, even more important, an awareness of how they show up in my life and work.”

This program has made me self-aware and true to myself. I wanted to be focused, I wanted to feel more connected, and I wanted to have that passion again for my work and being a leader.  LLV Coaching program has help me to achieve this. I know I will continue to learn and grow using the tools and the understanding of Anabolic energy which will help me “move forward and achieve positive, long-term, successful results, and is useful in leading others.”

RA, Pharmacy Informatics Leader

I first met Cathy at a SoCal HIMSS conference and was immediately impressed with her credentials and body of work as a hospital executive. We struck up a conversation afterwards, and I was delighted to discover that she offered career coaching through her company-Living Leadership Values Coaching. Cathy introduced me to The Energy Leadership™ Index assessment (ELI). We utilized this method to establish a baseline and quantify my abstract responses to professional stimuli, into a meaningful “diagnostic” of sorts. With Cathy and this tool, I have gone from sometimes feeling stuck at a level 4, to consistently seeking outcomes that are level 5 (win-win) or above. Since embarking on this journey with Cathy, I am very optimistic about my prospects as an effective healthcare leader and adjunct professor.

RWT, Career Coach

Every great coach has a coach! To be my best, I knew I needed a coach who would be supportive and provide honest observations and feedback. Cathy is just that coach to me. Through her thought-provoking questions, she has challenged me to try on new perspectives while staying true to my values. She was instrumental in helping me manage this major life transition from my corporate life to part-time coach/retiree. Because I had been planning this phase of my life for so long, I thought I was immune to the impacts of this change. With her help, I was able to give myself “permission” to exhale and explore all the opportunities and challenges of this very special time. With Cathy as a coach and accountability partner, I am creating the life I want.

LD, Seeking new Career

Cathy has a way of really helping her clients feel comfortable engaging in conversations that might otherwise be difficult to have. Cathy continues to show me and all those she graciously looks to help as a coach, what it truly means to be a caring, considerate and kind support person. When you are going through life changes and challenges, what you don’t need is to be reminded of what is “wrong” in your life, rather, Cathy helps you discover and uncover all that is RIGHT and how to focus on these blessings. It is to me a truly amazing gift that Cathy possesses. To work with Cathy is to grow and learn all that is inside of you, that you may not have even realized was there. I highly recommend Cathy as coach.

Janelle M, Clinical Operations Leader

My experience of receiving the ELI results and explanation from Cathy Iocona was so valuable. It opened my mind and heart to the concept that being more conscious and engaged can lessen stress and judgement and make me a more successful leader.

I love the idea that this tool reveals the filters I have in place and helps me understand and be aware of my energy reaction to stress. An assessment that can help me understand how I show up, is a gem!

Once Cathy explained how the tool measures energy that is either draining or life-giving; so much fell into place. It gave me a new way to think about my reactions to stress and to find a new habit to put a “pause” in place.

Cathy’s coaching style is both supportive and insightful. I recommend the Energy Leadership Assessment for every leader who is not only curious about emotional intelligence, but who also want to take action. The insight gained from this assessment will allow me to perform my role better as well as promote healing and create good from expanded energy.

My Thoughts

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